Housing for the Homeless
Written by GKCCEH
Published September 8, 2021

With President Biden’s Eviction Moratorium up in the air, individuals who are threatened by looming evictions continue to grow weary of their future options for housing. Evictions are an unfortunate result of the inability to fulfill a housing contract in some regard– in most cases, a lack of financial contribution to rent applies. The spike in the homeless population amid the COVID-19 pandemic is largely due to widespread economic hardship. In an effort to keep a roof over as many heads as possible, Congress passed the eviction moratorium preventing evictions as a part of the initial CARES Act in March 2020. The longevity of the moratorium is unknown. So, where can those affected by eviction turn if it expires? 

What to do if you’re going to be homeless in Kansas City

If you are aware of the fact that you could soon become homeless, you may be able to receive assistance from the City of KCMO in order to prevent it. For emergency rental and utilities assistance, click here for immediate assistance, or click here for a complete list of rental and utility assistance programs with contact information. 

Affordable housing for homeless individuals and families

The City of KCMO has made considerable strides in 2021 to provide safe, affordable housing for homeless individuals and their families. A new transitional tiny home village is being constructed, policy changes are in place that require developers who receive incentives for apartment projects to include affordable housing units or offset the lack of affordable units by paying into the housing trust fund and a new, stand-alone Housing Department has been created to focus on tenant advocacy, unhoused solutions, affordable housing and community development. For assistance accessing these programs and for more information on affordable housing in Kansas City, visit https://www.mohousingresources.com/

How to get into a homeless shelter

To access a shelter system in Kansas City, you can start by calling City Union Mission’s Hotline for the Homeless (816-474-4599). The hotline is available for men, women and families at no charge to the caller. Another option is getting in touch with a specific program: Kansas City has over 15 homeless shelters within 60 miles of the city’s center. For a full list of homeless shelters in or around KC, click here. 

How to help the homeless community of Kansas City

If you are not experiencing homelessness, but you are interested in serving the homeless community in and around Kansas City, get involved with the Greater Kansas City Coalition to End Homelessness today. Click here to learn more.