$3.5 trillion recovery package poses potential for low income housing relief
Written by GKCCEH
Published September 22, 2021

With a 220-212 vote, The House of Representatives approved the previously Senate-approved United States budget resolution on August 24. The resolution included a $3.5 trillion infrastructure and economic recovery package with an investment of up to $332 billion for housing and transportation. This resolution has the potential to be the Nation’s most major investment in affordable housing in generations. 

$322 billion for housing and transportation

Now that the resolution has been approved, low income housing activists like GKCCEH and our supporters have much more work ahead of us. With the Senate Banking and Housing Committee and the House Financial Services Committee drafting legislation to divide the $322 housing and transportation funds among various programs, it’s time to advocate loudly.  

The HoUSed Campaign

Our partners at the National Low Income Housing Coalition have designed a campaign to “achieve the large-scale, sustained investments and anti-racist reforms necessary to ensure that renters with the lowest incomes have stable, accessible, affordable homes.” 

This campaign is calling for a portion of the $322 billion recently approved for housing and transportation to be allocated to expanding rental assistance, providing $70 billion to preserve public housing, and investing $45 billion in the national Housing Trust Fund (HTF). If funded, these resources will help ensure that America’s lowest income and most marginalized households have safe, accessible, and affordable homes.

Advocate for low income housing

With huge potential for the $3.5 trillion infrastructure and economic recovery package to provide low income housing to individuals and families in need, success cannot be achieved without low income housing advocates across the nation. You have the power to make a national change from the comfort of your own home! 

NLIHC has outlined the below steps to making a real difference for low income housing: 

  1. Sign the HoUSed campaign petition and share it with your community. 
  2. Email the members of Congress representing Missouri.
  3. Call the members of Congress representing Missouri using this call script. 
  4. Keep up the pressure on Congress by:
    1. Attending local town halls
    2. Meeting with Missouri members of Congress or their staff
    3. Inviting Missouri members of Congress to a tour of a local housing development
    4. Publishing op-eds and letters-to-the-editor calling for investments in the HTF, public housing, and rental assistance.Regularly engage with members of Congress on the long-term housing needs in your community and why these investments would help

How to apply for low income housing in Kansas City

If you’re in need of affordable housing, first see if you qualify for low income housing through HUD. If you believe you are eligible, you can contact your city’s Missouri Public Housing Administration (PHA). To contact the Housing Authority of Kansas City, MO, call (816) 968-4201 or email elowndes@hakc.org. If you are not a resident of KCMO, find your city’s PHA contact information by clicking here. 

If you are not eligible for low income housing, click here for more information about other rental help options in Missouri.