CoC NOFO 2022 (HUD’s CoC Notice of Funding Opportunities 2022)
Written by GKCCEH
Published August 4, 2022

What are HUD’s newly-announced CoC funding opportunities looking like this year? Learn more about the CoC NOFO 2022.

HUD recently announced funding amounting to $2.8 billion to help people experiencing homelessness. The U.S. department explained that the funding opportunity reflects President Biden and Vice President Harris’ Administration’s commitment to equity and evidence-based solutions to homelessness. The funding opportunity will also support local engagement to increase affordable housing supply

What is NOFO? 

NOFO stands for Notice of Funding Opportunities. NOFO is published each year on to describe the type of funding available on a competitive basis and provide information on submission of an application, typically up to 30 to 90 days from the date of the NOFO publication on 

This year’s 2022 CoC Grant Competition for Funds Related to Housing and Homelessness (aka NOFO 2022) is officially open. According to HUD’s recent press release, “the FY 2022 competitive funding will be awarded through HUD’s Continuum of Care Program, the largest source of federal grant funding for homeless services and housing programs serving people experiencing homelessness. Nearly 400 Continuum of Care communities apply for the NOFO each year. HUD funds approximately 7,000 homeless services projects annually through the Continuum of Care Program.” 

How can I apply for the grants that the CoC NOFO 2022 is supplying? 

We know our readers are more than worthy of these grants and that they can help our community a lot. We’ve put together this resource (highlighted under our Continuum of Care tab) for that reason. Click here to for the most up-to-date information we have.

What kind of CoC projects does HUD want to fund? 

As with prior NOFOs, Continuums of Care will have the opportunity to renew existing projects, apply for new projects, and to reallocate resources from lower performing projects to better serve people experiencing homelessness. However, this year’s NOFO includes some new opportunities.

In FY2022, access to the CoC Program has been further expanded for Indian Tribes and Tribally Designated Housing entities who are now invited to form CoCs and be designated as Collaborative Applicants.

Additionally, the NOFO contains explicit funding for (1) survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking; and (2) youth. The NOFO will provide at least $52 million for new rapid re-housing, supportive services, and other activities critical to assist survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking. Approximately $80 million is available for non-competitive Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP) renewal and replacement expiring grants.

Our 2022 Funding Competition Page has a simplified list.

When are applications due? 

Applications for the FY 2022 CoC Program NOFO are due to HUD on September 30, 2022. We will be sending out additional communications about the application process as we receive information. Please stay tuned!