Celebrating those who lost their lives while experiencing homelessness
Written by GKCCEH
Published December 24, 2021

Every year during the longest night of the year we come together to celebrate the lives of those who lost theirs while experiencing homelessness. Our Program Director Amber Bauer planned an incredible night to remember those friends we lost. Always in our hearts and never forgotten.

Ronald “Black” Black – Black and his Chicago swag would tell you how it was with no filter. This made him well respected on the street. He was briefly housed and missed immediately by the community he left. White Boy Black you will be missed!

Jahmetric “Tattoo” Green – Tattoo will always hold a special place in many people’s hearts. His lighthearted antics and go-getter spirit were on his sleeve but the deeply sincere love in his heart will forever be remembered. Gone but never forgotten… he is missed more than he would ever have believed.

Stephen “Chief” Urquiola – Steve was one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. He had the great propensity to be sincerely kind and deeply insightful. While he passed away in 2018, as with many experiencing homelessness, he died with little fanfare; it just came to my attention this year that he had passed.

Marquita “K” Morrison – You were loved and will be missed dearly

Matthew “Q-Ball” Brimm – I personally have known “Q-Ball aka Stumpy” for many years. His attitude, spunk, and his lyrical abilities were something I will never forget. He was stubborn and hardheaded yet gentle and loving. I will miss his hugs and the laughter and tears we shared on many occasions until we meet again. Despite his many physical and mental health challenges, Q-Ball was a fighter, and he never gave up!
Wanda Growney- She passed away in October from natural causes in her apartment. She loved and took pride in her home, which she had lived in for 6 years after being homeless for many years. She will be missed.

Anastasia “Anna” Hall – Anna was a mother of her 10-year old daughter and was a positive light while working with her. She was able to participate in the Grooming Project. She also loved music and had a passion to help others. She truly touched my heart and will sincerely be missed.

Kyle Isabel – Kyle was a good friend for several years. I miss him, but he no longer wrestles with his demons.

Louisa Hayes – Louisa passes away on Nov 23 from liver failure. She had been on the street battling addiction and mental illness for over 20years.

Nicole Self – Nicole lost her life in a tragic drowning accident. She was a bright light who had worked so hard to turn her life around after experiencing homelessness and addiction. She will be forever missed.
Andrew “AJ/Andy” Taylor- My brother struggled with mental disability and homelessness which left him with severe frostbite in February, rip Andrew Joe Taylor Sr. Dob 2-1-1987 died 11-22-2021

John Romey – John was a kind man that had a gentle spirit. He had experienced homelessness for several years and was recognized in the community. When the city began the hotel initiative, John was able to get into a hotel room. He, unfortunately, passed away while in the hotel.

Antionne Harris – Antoinne was one of the first people placed in a hotel room during the city’s hotel project. Antoinne unexpectedly passed away while sheltered in a hotel through the city

Angel Chiva – Thank you for being my friend. You are my friend forever and ever!! Rest In Peace, my friend. May God be with you.

Rolando Perez-Garcia – I was hard-headed but you made me change. Thank you. God bless you. Rest In Peace

Steven “ Styx” Waddle – Wow where to begin all of our talks about religion and your higher purpose of being a testament to many. Your overall compassion to help others was a quality I admired in you and something that was respected and appreciated by many of your street family. You will be missed, my friend!

Cecily “CiCi” Shirley – One of the last text messages I received from you… “I’m just overflowed with a feeling that I have never felt before. If I had one word to describe me now it would be “ALIVE”. You were a remarkable woman that was taken away from us far too soon! You were an inspiration, a warrior, and one of the strongest women I ever met! I will miss you every day “My Friend” this is not goodbye until we meet again Rest Easy.

Zoey Allen – born in 1999 and passed due to an overdose

Jessica Elizabeth Bagby

Steven Clifton

Christine Guiterrez

Jerrod Bryant

Chad Mills


Brandi “Angel” Robbins

Raymond “Blk NY” Caesar

Nathan Graves

Steven Newby

Cody Jarvis

Jeremy Cromley

Kenny “OG”

Roxi Mills

Corey Walls

Michael Jaconi

Michelle Evans

Little Ronnie

Tommy “Blue Eyes ”Stutteville

Zach “New Your” Davignon

Charles “Shawn” Miller

Jerry Bowman




Andre Holden

Krystal “Savage” Parker