Continuum of Care

Coordinated Entry

How Coordinated Entry Works

The Coordinated Entry System (CES) facilitates the coordination and management of resources and services through our community’s crisis response system. CES works to connect the highest need, most vulnerable persons in the community to available housing and supportive services equitably.

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Please keep the following in mind

  • Completing the housing assessment does not guarantee housing.
  • This is not a housing waitlist, nor a housing application.
  • It is possible you may not be eligible for any current housing program openings.
  • There is no fixed timeline of when an agency may contact you for housing.
  • We will keep searching for a program until we find an opening for you, or you ask us to stop.
Coordinated Entry FAQs

How long will I need to wait for someone to contact me about housing? Can I get an update on where I am on the prioritization list

Unfortunately, we are unable to estimate how long it will take for a housing provider to contact you to offer housing assistance. Please understand that housing programs have a limited capacity, and it takes time for providers to contact all the people we assess. It may take longer than 6 months to be contacted, and if you have not heard from a housing provider within that time we ask that you meet with us again to update your information. We urge everyone to continue working on alternative housing options while they wait.


How do I update my contact information (phone number and/or email address)?

If your information has changed since you took your Housing Assessment, please fill out the Coordinated Entry Contact Form with all your updated information and our staff will update your profile with that information.


Can you help me find community resources to help with basic needs such as healthcare, food, and employment?

Please see our Get Help page for community resource information.

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Additional questions?

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