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Executive Director

Marqueia Watson

“I am more passionate about anti-homelessness work than anything personal, professional, or educational pursued in my life. I can’t stop won’t stop. Though the work I do is serious, I try my best to have fun. I love the outdoors and spend a lot of time camping in the summer. I also love hiking and swimming. I’m from the coast and feel most at peace when I’m near a body of water. I also enjoy cooking, especially Asian-inspired dishes. I don’t have children, instead, I have 2 bossy but cute chihuahuas and live in Historic Northeast with my significant other.”

Data Systems Manager

Shida McCormick

Shida McCormick developed her love for data analysis from first serving as a long-term case management system. One day she was given the opportunity to serve in a position where she would be a mediator between data entry and data output she took on the role without question. Shida believes in the Kaizen concept of continuous improvement. Though the task is large, it is truly a combination of a lot of little tasks to be completed. Her hope is to bridge the gap between data and data analysis. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, writing, and traveling with her husband and their three children.”

Program Director

Amber Bauer

Our Program Director Amber Bauer brings over 15 years of experience in diverse social service settings to the GKCCEH team. Amber is a passionate and motivated advocate working to develop and create community-based solutions focused on ending homelessness and housing instability throughout Kansas City and surrounding communities. Building relationships with community partners and those we serve is the fuel to her fire!  When she’s not working you can find her by the pool, on the lake fishing with her nephew, or watching any sporting event “Rockchalk Jayhawk”!

If you have any questions regarding housing, coordinated entry, or getting involved to help support our houseless neighbors, give Amber a buzz at abauer@gkcceh.org.

Administrative Coordinator

Patricia Hernandez

Our Administrative Coordinator Patricia Hernandez, born and raised in Kansas City, is extremely loyal to her family and her community.

She lives by the following Senator Bernie Sanders quote: “I believe that the goal of life is to create community, to bring us together in love and compassion—to understand that it is my moral obligation to be concerned about your family and yours to be concerned about mine. As human beings, we are in this together.”

Patricia was the President of her neighborhood association in the Historic Northeast where she lives with her partner, Mitch, as well as their cat and 2 dogs. She represents her community as the Committee Woman for Ward 12 through the Jackson County Democratic Committee as well as through her service as a representative for the Missouri Democratic Party participating in the Affirmative Action Committee. She is also on the board of Samuel Rodgers and Greater Kansas City Women’s Political Caucus.

She holds many “titles;” however, her favorite title is Aunt of 6!

Coordinated Entry System Manager

Kaylee Coulter

Kaylee Coulter is our Coordinated Entry System (CES) Manager. She joined GKCCEH in September 2021. She graduated from the University of Missouri – Kansas City with her Master of Social Work in 2019. Fresh out of school, she started working in our CoC as a Housing Navigator helping households experiencing homelessness get connected services and obtain documentation for housing.

Kaylee started her social work career as an intern with HappyBottoms, a local diaper bank in Kansas City providing diapers to low-income families. This is where she cultivated her passion for advocacy and social justice. She is passionate about empowering others to overcome and/or adapt to challenges in their life.

Diversion Specialist

Shannon Hartnett

Shannon Hartnett is one of the newest additions to the GKCCEH family. She is currently working as a Diversion Specialist for the CES Program. With a diverse background in special education, hospitality, retail grocery, and sales, Shannon brings a unique set of talents to our organization. She is a lover of art, music and a self-proclaimed foodie that is proud to call Kansas City home where all of those flourish and thrive.

Desiree Blake

As a rising Black leader in the Kansas City Community, our very own Desiree Blake is paving the way for Black women in technology and data. Desiree is currently serving as GKCCEH’s HMIS Data Quality and Capacity Administrator and is in the process of completing her Master of Science in Data Analytics. She has previously obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Criminal Justice and Criminology.

Multifaceted as many of our staff, Desiree is an astrology-obsessed mom of two who you can always find with a book in her hand. Ask Desiree about how maintaining data quality is an essential part of ending homelessness in our community.

HMIS Administrator for Coordinated Entry

Nehemiah Rosell

Nehemiah has been working in the homelessness field for most of the past 13 years. Formerly at Kim Wilson Housing, he managed a permanent supportive housing program and served as a coordinated entry navigator. At GKCCEH, he works at the intersection of HMIS and Coordinated Entry, helps coordinate our homeless outreach app Show the Way, and loves doing data analysis.

Outside of work, Nehemiah finds joy in spending time with his family (especially his two niblings), being outdoors, whether in the garden, by the river, or on a trail, and working on endless house projects.

Joseph Ben Dov

Joseph has many years of experience in nonprofits and education. They are passionate about immigrant & LGBTQ2+ rights, addressing the root causes of homelessness, and coffee. Joseph lives with their two dogs, Scout and Atticus.

Homeless Program Coordinator

Krysten Olson

As the Homeless Program Coordinator Krysten Olson works closely with the data team and service providers to manage the BNL, coordinate prioritization and referrals, and compile data. In addition, her position is responsible for administrative duties in the areas of outreach, development, policy, and planning.

Krysten brings 13 years of experience in a wide array of social service platforms. She is a proud data and policy nerd, believing that strong policy forms the foundation for client-facing services, setting the stage for positive outcomes.

A graduate of William Jewell College, Krysten holds a BA in Nonprofit Leadership. Krysten’s great loves in life (outside of her wife, of course) are St. Louis Cardinals baseball, Louisiana State University, live music, Mardi Gras, fostering kittens, and traveling. She lives in Kansas City with her wife and their three pets.

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