Celebrating the Life of Cee Cee Shirley
Written by GKCCEH
Published December 15, 2021
Cee Cee shares her story at the Northeast Sustainable Housing Solutions Summit (March 2021).

Remembering Cicely Shirley- Our dear friend and inspiration

If you had a chance to watch the video above, you already know that Cicely Shirley (Cee Cee) was a determined soul, joyful leader and guiding beacon for our Kansas City community. She was a resilient, kind, energetic, “superwoman” to many. Her story is one to be told for years to come, as she overcame so much in her short life. Her smile lit up a room. Her words were powerful. Her authentic and spunky attitude was a true testament to the definition of a “warrior.” 

Two weeks ago, her life was taken from the world way too quickly in an act of domestic violence.

She was a beloved daughter, sister and friend to many, and is survived by her beautiful children. 

Cee Cee Shirley with her children.

Cee Cee’s story began many years ago. Over the last several years, she began to take her life back. She quickly became the advocate she was born to be! Her and her family had endured unimaginable trauma, loss and pain over the years. Many would have chosen to give up the fight– But not Cee Cee. She let her experiences add fuel to her fire and overcame all things that many said were impossible. She created a home not only for her own children, but for any child that was in need of support, love or a simple reminder of “You matter!” 

Cee Cee recently achieved her life-long goal of obtaining her GED, and gained employment at University Health “TMC” as a Peer Specialist. This was the perfect path for her to walk as she was able to use her voice, her compassion and her own pain to drive others to see what their full potential truly is. 

She recently shared with a close person walking alongside her, “I’m just overflowing with a feeling that I have never felt before. If I had one word to describe me now it would be: ALIVE!” 

Keeping Cee Cee’s Spirit and Story ALIVE

As Cee Cee’s KCMO community, it is our responsibility to educate, advocate and continue sharing her story to be the voice she is no longer able to be!

Here are three ways you can remember, raise awareness for and support Cee Cee’s memory in the coming weeks: 

Attend Homeless Persons Memorial Day

Please join GKCCEH on Dec. 21, 2021 at Washington Square Park from 5:30-7:00pm. On the longest night of the year, we remember those who lost their lives while experiencing homelessness. 

Tune in to Thursday’s Special Action Proclamation

At Thursday’s City Council Meeting, you can listen in at 3:00pm for Councilwoman Shaw’s presentation of a Special Action Proclamation to honor Cee Cee and keep her story alive forever. 

Give to Cee Cee’s Family

Cee Cee leaves behind six amazing children, ages 2-18. Join in supporting them financially by donating to this established GoFundMe. 

“Appreciate every day that you’re alive because being alive is a luxury that many don’t get to experience for long.” -Massy Arias

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence

To reach the Kansas City Metro Domestic Violence Hotline, call 816-468-5463.