Kansas City’s Efforts to Combat Homelessness and Increase Funding
Written by GKCCEH
Published August 3, 2023

Kansas City is taking significant steps to address homelessness and secure increased funding for essential services. The city’s ongoing efforts include the announcement of new initiatives, the launch of the 2023 NOFO season, and a call to action to support increased homelessness funding at the federal level.

Kansas City’s Housing and Community Development Department

The City of Kansas City recently announced updates on its Housing and Community Development Department, outlining its commitment to creating affordable housing opportunities for its residents. Through the department’s efforts, Kansas City aims to address the challenges surrounding homelessness and ensure that all individuals have access to safe and affordable housing. By providing support, resources, and innovative solutions, the city is actively working towards reducing homelessness within its boundaries.

2023 NOFO Season Underway

The Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) season for 2023 is now underway in Kansas City. The NOFO provides funding opportunities for nonprofit organizations that contribute to the city’s social services and community development initiatives. These grants are essential in supporting programs that address homelessness, provide vital support services, and empower vulnerable populations. By launching the NOFO season, Kansas City is encouraging eligible nonprofits to apply and help make a positive impact on the lives of those in need. Click here to learn more about the 2023 NOFO.

Call to Increase Homelessness Funding in Fiscal Year 2024

In an effort to combat homelessness on a broader scale, organizations and advocates across the country, including those in Kansas City, are urging representatives to increase homelessness funding in fiscal year 2024. The National Alliance to End Homelessness has provided a platform for individuals to reach out to their representatives and express their support for increased funding for homelessness programs.

Organizations such as Missouri Tenant Help, a local Kansas City initiative, are also rallying for increased funding and advocating for the needs of the homeless population. By joining these efforts and contacting representatives, residents of Kansas City can make their voices heard and contribute to securing vital resources for the homeless community. Share this flyer with any sources that might reach tenants facing eviction.


The Housing and Community Development Department’s efforts to create affordable housing opportunities will play a vital role in reducing homelessness. The launch of the 2023 NOFO season presents an opportunity for nonprofit organizations to receive funding and provide crucial support services. Additionally, by joining the call to increase homelessness funding at the federal level, Kansas City residents can advocate for the needs of the homeless community and contribute to positive change.

Together, these initiatives and actions demonstrate the city’s dedication to combating homelessness and building a more inclusive and supportive community. By working collectively and supporting organizations focused on ending homelessness, Kansas City is taking strides towards creating a brighter future for its residents in need.