KCK Warming Center Success
Written by GKCCEH
Published January 5, 2022

The KCK Extreme Weather Project Successfully Navigated Its First Below-Freezing Weekend

The first snow fell on Kansas City this past week and The KCK Extreme Weather Project was faced with its first below-freezing weekend of 2022. Located at 5th St. & State Ave. in Kansas City, KS, The KCK Cold Weather Shelter is a warming center open from 6pm-7am when temperatures in the area are below 25°F. 

This past weekend, the warming center hosted a total of 48 guests, giving them shelter from the cold weather and snow. 

The KCK Extreme Weather Project was successful due to the combined efforts of organizations focused on serving the homeless population of Kansas City including:

Please click the above links to learn more about these incredibly dedicated organizations!