Putting the KC in GKCCEH
Written by GKCCEH
Published May 10, 2022

Check out what our staff is up to in the community this May!

In order to best serve the Kansas City community that we call home, we must continue our education, be involved across the city and hire driven, caring individuals who are passionate about issues that concern the people we serve! In this blog, we will highlight some examples of each of these core principles in order to showcase the people who help put the KC in GKCCEH.

Continued Education

Built for Zero

Three of our dedicated team members will travel to Chicago this week for Built for Zero, a movement of more than 90 communities working to measurably and equitably end homelessness — and proving it is possible.

“The goal is to achieve a milestone known as functional zero — an ongoing state where homelessness is continuously rare and brief. Together, they are proving that we can build a future where homelessness is rare overall and brief when it occurs.” 

Along with our team members, KCMO’s NEW Homelessness Prevention Coordinator, two community partners and representatives from Housing in WYCO and the City of KCMO will also attend!

To learn more, please visit community.solutions/built-for-zero/

HMIS Data Analytics Training

Members of our team, Desiree Blake, Haley White and Shida McCormick have taken on the meaningful challenge of completing the fourth cohort of HUD’s HMIS Data Analytics On-Demand Course. The goal of this immersive course is to provide a conceptual and practical framework for ad hoc reporting utilizing HMIS data. Join us in encouraging these three on this journey.

Kansas City Involvement

The Kansas City Community Resilience Archive has announced its honorees for 2022 and our wonderful team member, Program Director Amber Bauer has been recognized. 

The organization states, “While we can not highlight all the amazing community resilience leaders in our community, we do hope that this exhibit will shine a light on the power of individuals to create and sustain collective impact.  We hope it fuels your commitment to connection and reminds you to thank those who’ve inspired you.” 

Our organization is proud to have an honoree on our team and we too hope her service inspires a greater commitment to connection within the Greater Kansas City Area!

Spotlight on Administrative Coordinator Patricia Hernandez

Our outstanding Administrative Coordinator Patricia Hernandez, born and raised in Kansas City, is extremely loyal to her family and her community. She lives by the following Senator Bernie Sanders quote: “I believe that the goal of life is to create community, to bring us together in love and compassion—to understand that it is my moral obligation to be concerned about your family, and yours to be concerned about mine. As human beings, we are in this together.” Patricia is the President of her neighborhood association in the Historic Northeast where she lives with her partner, Mitch, as well as their dog and cat. She represents her community as the Committee Woman for Ward 12 through the Jackson County Democratic Committee as well as through her service as a representative for the Missouri Democratic Party. She holds many “titles;” however, her favorite title is aunt of 6! She is now in school for her social work degree at Park University. 

We are thankful for all that Patricia brings to the table and we know we are better with her on our team!