Zero KC – Kansas City’s Plan to End Homelessness
Written by GKCCEH
Published October 6, 2022

Learn about the Zero KC plan in a simplified way!

The Greater Kansas City Area believes we can end homelessness, but only with thought-through planning and dedication. The Zero KC plan to end homelessness gives the city tangible goals and a path to move toward a future where individuals and families will never have to worry about experiencing homelessness.

Zero KC states that the commitment to end homelessness begins with the following pillars:

1. Living outside is dangerous.

2. Kansas City needs more housing. 

3. Wrap-Around services are critical. 

4. One size does not fit all. 

5. Solving homelessness requires investment.

To learn more about Zero KC, please utilize the following resources:

Overview of Zero KC.

Read the plan to create a Kansas City where everyone thrives in a safe, quality home.

Kansas City Community Needs Assessment: A Foundation For Ending Homelessness.

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